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Weekly Prayer

Sunday, November 23, 2014

“Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty…?”

Lord, I understand the question
asked by those on the “goat” side
in today’s gospel.

It’s so easy to be caught up
in my own affairs that
I don’t see you in the hungry,
the thirsty, the stranger….

It’s not that I don’t know you are in them--
faith and Scripture tell me you are there--
it’s just that I so seldom notice them at all.
And that means I’ve missed
lots of opportunities to end up
on your “sheep” side.

But it’s that sheep side
that I really don’t understand.
Whenever I give of myself to someone,
I pat myself on the back
for doing such a good job of following you.
“I’ve served Christ in the poor,” I proudly say.

But these “sheep” of yours--
they give of themselves so naturally
that they don’t seem even to think
of the good things they’re doing for you.
They just do it, like parents
feeding and clothing their children.

Jesus, I still have a long way to go
before I see myself ending up
on the sheep side in this gospel,
and I’ll never get there
without your help.
So, at Mass today,
and all days of my life,
fill me with your Spirit
and give me the courage
to live more and more
as your disciple,
until the day comes when
living your life of self-giving love
will seem so natural,
I won’t even have
to think about it anymore.

And then I truly will live in your kingdom.

  Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA Photo
Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA
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