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Weekly Prayer

Sunday, April 26, 2015

“I lay down my life in order to take it up again.”

Thank you, Jesus,
for humbling yourself
out of love for us.
Thank you for
laying down your life
so that we might live.

Help me, Lord,
to do the same.
Help me to live ever
more deeply with you,
in you, and through you--
so that I might choose
to die to myself
in a thousand
little ways each day,
out of love for others,
and so that I might rise
to divine life in you.

There are so many ways, Lord,
that I can lay down my life
so that you can take it up again.

But there are also
many times, Lord,
when laying down my life
is not something
I can choose to do.
Illness, pain, and death
make the choices for me.

Good Shepherd
who suffered so much,
hold me tight
in these terrible times.
Be my strength
when I have none.
When I am
powerless to choose,
when I am humbled
and emptied,
please do what I cannot:
join my suffering to your cross
and help me to trust that,
in ways I cannot understand,
redemption is at work.

Help me to trust that,
when my life is laid down,
you, the Good Shepherd
will always call my name
and take me up from the grave.

  Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA Photo
Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA
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