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Daily Prayer

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Do you realize what I have done for you?

Jesus, can I ever realize
all that you have done for me?

Because of you,
every barrier between
myself and others is torn down.
Their joys are mine,
and their sorrows and sufferings too.

What have you done for me?
Because of you,
sins are forgiven,
redemption is won,
and hope sings in times
of injustice, illness, and grief.
You have taken off your robes
and humbly washed our feet;
and you invite me
to do the same--
to live your redeeming life,
to approach others humbly,
to put whatever gifts I have
at their service,
to forgive and ask forgiveness,
to die to myself
in your self-emptying love,
and to rise to life in you.

Above all, Jesus,
you have given me
yourself in the Eucharist.
Let me never forget that
in every Eucharist
I am recommitting myself to you,
and to all the people you love,
and to the kingdom of God.
I am recommitting myself
to proclaiming your redeeming death
in every aspect of my life.
And I am being transformed
by your Spirit
into your very body and blood
for the life of the world.

Do I realize what
you have done for me?
Jesus, help me to ponder
that question today
and in all the days to come.

For a prayer for today from St. Thomas Aquinas, see page 4 in the Holy Week 2014 issue of Living with Christ.

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Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA
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