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Weekly Prayer

Sunday, August 31, 2014

You are not thinking as God does, but as human beings do.

Jesus, how did Peter react
when you rebuked him?
What was the look on his face?
I imagine him feeling a bit hurt,
and even more bewildered.
Of course I’m thinking like
a human being!
I hear him
saying to himself.
That’s what I am!
Who but God can think like God?

And in human terms, Lord,
wasn’t Peter being quite
reasonable, even noble?
If I saw someone heading
down a path that was sure
to lead to suffering and death,
wouldn’t it be right to warn them
and to try to keep them from it?

Jesus, who but God
can think like God?
Thank you for coming among us
to show us something
of how God thinks.
Thank you for the Eucharist,
which shows me God’s way
of self-giving love and
invites me to move ever deeper
into the very life and mind of God.

Today, Jesus, I will have many
opportunities to put into practice
what I am learning--to approach
my world as God does.
May I have the wisdom
and courage to do so.

  Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA Photo
Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA
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