The Word Is Life

Prayer for Christian Unity

In some ways, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (Jan. 18-25) seems kind of old-fashioned, something we thought more about in the 60’s. But the more I think and read about the issues around unity, the more I think it is absolutely crucial for the life of any Catholic, and indeed of any Christian….

Home By Another Way

Each year at Epiphany, I listen to James Taylor’s song Home by Another Way. In this song, he reminds us that the call to the Magi to change their plans finds resonance in our own lives today. He sings: “Maybe me and you can be wise guys too And go home by another way.” At…

“Year of Saint Joseph” declared by Pope Francis

I’m rather partial to St. Joseph, considering that I bear his name and was baptized on his feast day of March 19. And so I felt a special thrill when Pope Francis announced Dec. 8 that we would be celebrating a special year dedicated to this amazing saint. It came as a surprise, with nothing…

Pilgrim Prayer

The “Pilgrim Prayer,” the official prayer of World Youth Day 2023, scheduled to be held in Lisbon, Portugal was recently released by the Vatican. This is the official prayer of the upcoming global gathering of the pope and Catholic youth from around the world. The last World Youth Day was held in Panama City, Panama…