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Weekly Prayer

Sunday, July 26, 2015

…more than they could eat.

Lord Jesus,
as I participate in Mass today,
help me to enter into the story
of how you gave your life
for us, out of love,
and help me respond
by giving my life to you
so that I may be transformed
ever more fully into
being part of your body
in the world today.
Help me--with you, in you,
and through you--to learn
to give of myself generously,
out of love for others.

I need your help even
to truly ask for this, Jesus,
for trying to live as generously
as you lived sounds a bit
crazy and scary to me.

How hard it is, Jesus,
for me to move
beyond my fear--
fear of losing my security,
fear of others who might
do me harm,
and fear of death itself.
It makes me want to cling
to everything I have,
because, if I lose it,
what will I have left?

Jesus, help me to truly
believe in God’s
Easter promise--
which we celebrate
in every Eucharist--
the promise that,
even when I lose everything else
for the sake of the kingdom,
what I will have left is you,
and that you bring
an overflowing
abundance of life
that only God can give.

So, Lord, help me
to live the abundance
of your resurrection today.
let me not think of
how little I have to give,
but of how much life
you’ve given me to share.

Let me not be
foolish and naïve
when dealing
with the world,
but help me to see
the world more
as you see it,
to love it more as you love it,
and to not be so afraid
of giving of myself for the
sake of that love.

  Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA Photo
Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA
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