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Weekly Prayer

Sunday, December 28, 2014

She was advanced in years…

Loving Father,
I remember reading
that when Jesus died
on the cross,
only some ten percent
of the population
was older than he was.

If that is so,
I imagine that
the prophetess Anna
did not know many people
her own age;
her husband was long gone,
and, perhaps, so too
were the children
she might have had with him.
And yet, Lord, she looks upon
the Holy Family and gives
thanks and praise to you!

Father, I am advancing in years.
That’s hard to even admit
in a culture that so values youth.
Aging scares me, but I also know
how lucky I am to have lived at all,
and to have reached the age I have.

Thank you, God,
for the gift of my life.
Thank you for all
the years I have had
and for whatever lies ahead.

Father, may
the prophetess Anna
inspire me to know
that I am never too old
to build a relationship with you,
never too old
to recognize your Son
coming into the world,
and never too old
to speak to the world
about Jesus,
in my words and deeds.

Father, fill my
life with the same love
that filled the Holy Family,
the love that
kept them strong
through all the challenges
they had faced before
they met Simeon and Anna,
and for all the challenges and adversity
that still lay ahead.

Like Anna, and Simeon,
like Mary and Joseph,
and Jesus,
help me to keep growing
in wisdom and in
the knowledge and faith
that you are always with me.

  Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA Photo
Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA
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