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Weekly Prayer

Sunday, October 19, 2014

“Then repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”

Generous, loving God,
you are the source
of all that is good.
You are always with me,
and everything I have is yours.

When I come to Mass today,
and throughout the week ahead,
help me to remember all
that you have given me,
and then help me find ways
to give it all back to you.

Yours is creation;
help me always
to be filled with
wonder and awe.

Yours is Earth
and all its creatures;
help me to learn
to be a good steward
and to cherish all
that you have made.

Yours is the
whole human race;
help me to treat each
person with reverence,
even when it is
really difficult
to do so.

Yours is peace;
help me to banish violence
from my actions and my heart.

Yours is justice;
strengthen my connections
to others so that I
may know their struggle,
and then help me find
the courage and wisdom
to work to make things right.

Yours is relationship;
help me to break down
any barriers that
separate me from you
and from all that
you have made.

Yours is self-giving love;
help me to give of myself
out of love, as you do.

Yours is generosity;
help me never
to close myself off
from someone in need.

Yours is forgiveness
and reconciliation;
help me to offer it
to all who
have hurt me,
and to seek it
from any whom
I have hurt.

Yours is wisdom;
give me your Spirit
in abundance
so that I may come
to see the world
and everything in it
through your eyes.

Yours is eternity;
teach me patience.

Yours is humility and service;
let me, like Jesus, humble myself
for the sake of others.

Yours is life itself;
when pain and suffering
and grief push me down,
help me to join myself
to the Passion of your Son,
and give me the faith
to believe that,
in the end,
life will prevail.

Yours is the resurrection
and life eternal;
let me remember this with joy,
and help me never to lose hope.

Yours is divine life;
let me never forget
that Jesus gives me
a share in it.

Yours are whatever gifts
I have received;
let me always use them
to help build your kingdom.

Father, Son, and Spirit,
at Mass--today and always--
help me to give everything
back to you by offering myself
on the altar along with
the bread and wine.
Please accept my
humble repayment;
transform me more and more
through the life, death,
and resurrection of Jesus;
and send me back
out into the world
as a stronger disciple,
more willing and able
to repay you
by living and sharing your gifts
with the world.

  Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA Photo
Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA
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