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Weekly Prayer

Sunday, May 24, 2015

“Peace be with you.”

Breathe your Spirit
upon me, Jesus,
as you breathed it
upon your disciples.
Come to me as
you came to them.
Come through the
locked doors I hide behind.
Take me out of
my grave of fear
and breathe new life,
new Spirit, into me
as you did for them.

Show me your wounds, Jesus,
as you showed your hands
and side to them.
And help me always
to remember that
my redemption and my new life
in the Spirit flow
from those wounds,
because you suffered
and sacrificed and
lived for others.

Help me to be calm and fearless,
comforted and full of hope,
because your wounds
offer me a share
in the life of God.

Breathe your Spirit
into me, Jesus,
so that I will always remember
that the mission you gave your disciples
you now ask me to share--
a mission to spread the good news
and the baptism that brings
forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

Breathe your Spirit of peace
deeply into me, Jesus,
so that I too may be a sign of
God’s peace and reconciliation
in the world,
and so that I too may
join my life to yours,
my suffering to yours--so that
your Spirit, your life, your love,
might flow from my own wounds,
as they flowed from yours.

Help me to hear your Spirit speaking
peace into my heart, Jesus.
Help me to rejoice always
in what you have done for us.

  Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA Photo
Fr. Richard Lamoureux, AA
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