Bulk subscriptions

Enrich the Lives of Parish Families

Living with Christ continues to be the most affordable worship aid available to your parishioners. For over 80 years Living with Christ has been helping Catholics participate more fully in daily Eucharist.

Living with Christ

  • Helps parishioners pay more attention to and follow along with the prayers of the Mass
  • Deepens parishioners’ understanding of Scripture
  • Reinforces the habit of daily prayer, using Scripture and the other prayers included in each monthly issue
  • Strengthens the connection with the parish as Living with Christ is provided by the pastor to help those parishioners who come each day
  • Connects the parishioners and the parish more closely to the universal Church through the articles on saints, Scripture and through prayer and devotions

A one-year subscription includes 12 monthly issues plus the Special Holy Week Issue.

Our bulk discount rates make Living with Christ affordable for every parish!

3–24 copies $1.66 per month/$19.95 per year
25–49 copies $1.41 per month/$16.95 per year
50–99 copies $1.25 per month/$14.95 per year
100–499 copies $1.08 per month/$12.95 per year
500+ copies $1.00 per month/$11.95 per year


If you need 3 or more copies please fill out the form below, a parish consultant will contact you soon.